Days in the life of a songwriter 3

time flying again….but anyway, had a busy two weeks. Have added most of the essential Amphibic links on the blogroll here, so the other pages are easy to track down. Also updated the facebook page with a couple of band pics from our gig at the Water Rats.

Yesterday I finally managed to get hold of a radio plugger who a friend had recommended and had an interesting chat. Looks like we could be working together in the future but we need to get a few more things sorted and in place before they can really come on board. Nothing too exciting. Need to get everything working like clockwork online mainly. Twitter and Facebook are coming along, and Soundcloud and LastFm are there as well. Next will be more content on Youtube and I’m waiting to hear from Jari in Finland who has footage of the Water Rats gig on his camera. And also acoustic versions of songs from album number 1 and 2. Think I have mentioned that already.

Last year I signed a little two song deal with a publisher specialising in TV and Film in the US and they got in touch a couple of days ago to double check a little detail which leads me to believe that a first outing for at least one of the songs might be on the horizon. There will be a gig at 93 Feet East on July 4th and I’m trying to catch up with another promoter tonight to see what else we can do. On my list of things is also to meet up with a piano playing mate and see whether we can slot in some piano (which is on the new recordings) for the live gigs soon. Looks like a few people have read some of the first lines here. Will try and put stuff on a bit more regularly in the future now that we have a lot of pages in place. Let’s see shall we?


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