Days in the life of a songwriter 4

well, went to see this little acoustic venue in Hammersmith called the Regal Room last week.

It’s a small but lovely venue on the first floor of the Distiller’s Arms pub in Hammersmith one minute from the tube. It has a piano on stage and caters mainly for aficionados of acoustic varieties of music. The acts on the night were of good quality and it’s free to get in!! Had a quick chat with Tony Moore who has been active in the world of music for a few decades now. Anyway, before I bore everyone to death, I emailed the promoters there and we got ourselves a little gig there on June 16th. It’ll be pretty acoustic, concentrating on myself and some string players.

When I remember the other thing I wanted to mention I’ll get back to you……ahhh.

I have no idea how I could have forgotten to tell you about the following: I was taken along to see Elbow in the most amazing venue I have ever seen a gig in in London!!!!

They normally don’t ‘do’ gigs… Well it was held in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral. Absolute Radio had hired the space and the band for a very special gig, launching a series of live gigs with it. Elbow played a lovely set, the nibbles were out there, Ron Wood showed his face and suit and I was there feeling rather blessed. At the opposite end of the crypt one could see Nelson’s tomb and Guy made everyone wave to Nelson. I loved his introductions to the songs. Oh and the PA speakers (geek alert) were made by a company that is known to me only because of where they are based. It’s d&b audio, if I’m not mistaken, (stands for daubert & belz audio) based near Stuttgart.

Right off to bed, I feel better now.


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