Days in the life of a songwriter 5

damn, didn’t intend to be away this long but things just sort of took off on the work front over the past weeks. Good for my finances anyway.

I met up with my mate Hakon and we tried my recorded and printed out piano parts (him on piano and me on guitar) a couple of weeks ago. We just jammed at his place using some electric Yamaha jobbie and I borrowed one of his acoustics. Need to give him a shout tomorrow to see whether he fancies playing at our next gig in July.  A couple of rehearsals should do the trick and in case he can’t make it; Nick who played the cello at last week’s gig at the Regal Room at the Distiller’s Arms in Hammersmith does play the piano too!!

Nick did well on cello, especially since he had to put up with some very friendly heckling from a small group of Irish guys on his side of the stage. We were joined by Nadine Galea on violin and Piotr Grudzien on violin as well. I had met Piotr 2 days prior (after making contact on the old gumtree) and met Nadine on the night but it all came together beautifully.

I played my old Seagull acoustic and have finally ordered an under saddle piezo pickup for it, as the Fishman soundhole pickup isn’t quite the ticket. So more on that later.

Saw two films as well last week, The Beaver with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster who also directed. I found it was a bit of an odd film but i still enjoyed it. The longer I watched the more I got into it. It straddles a fine line between a comedy and a serious movie. And I wasn’t always sure which side it would come down on. Walter suffers from depression and seems to find a miracle cure when he finds a Beaver puppet, as he is able to express himself through the fluffy thing. The fact that we don’t really know how this depression came about was a problem for me. There are echoes of Mel Gibson’s own life in this story which made it more palatable for me, but it might be the very thing to put you off. You might have to see for yourself.

The other film was ‘Senna’. More later as I’ve gone on for long enough now. Nite nite.


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