Days in the life of a songwriter 6

saw the film about Ayrton Senna’s life and death simply called Senna last Monday. It was beautifully made and that’s coming from someone who isn’t interested in Formula 1. I see the odd 3 laps once in a while because someone else is following it intently. Anyway, I didn’t realise what a talent and generally nice chap he was. Obviously they had to rely on old footage but there must have been a ton of it.

On Thursday I met up with Hakon again and we went through 5 songs for the next gig (on piano) where he mainly played what I had scored with a few embellishments of his own. He also combined a couple of parts that I had on different tracks because of volume and sound (and ability) constrictions. It sounded PHAT 🙂 Which is why I am really looking forward to the first gig where we’ll have a proper piano player on stage. July 4th at 93 Feet East since you asked. All the brass players can make it, Joe Carter, Oli Hickie and Phil Dewhurst who is playing instead of Zeb Tonkin. Imogen Burman on cello and Jenny Wilkinson on viola. Still looking for a violin player though!!!

Last night we had some VIP tickets to see James, the Kaiser Chiefs and the KILLERS who were magnificent!!! Mr Flowers was pretty much unstoppable with his enthusiasm and energy. We saw James outside but then relented and became armchair-festival-VIP-slouches, seeing the Kaiser Chiefs from inside and also the Killers. We had a server from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich and I felt especially sorry for the people behind the bar who had to respond to a constant onslaught of VIP drinks demands. They did feed us too, Nachos and King Prawns (we only had a couple of starters). Anyway, need to sort out the cello scores for one song now. See Ya!


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