Days in the life of a songwriter 7

completely forgot to mention “very important Royals” at the Hyde Park Calling festival on Friday. 2 Princesses (Eugenie and Beatrice) turned up, easily spotted (but not recognised by Yours Truly) because of all the minders around them. A little later our server (waitress) informed us that she had been moved to the other side as Prince Harry now resided in her former section…..and there he was (cue more minders). Then, it had to be pointed out to me, some cast members from Glee appeared……(one looked vaguely familiar to me, the rest well, that phrase with the ‘bar of soap’ in it, applied).

See, I was so excited, I completely forgot to mention these people in the last blog post. Well yesterday we went to a small and sweet Christening ceremony out near Eton. The church was old, small, beautiful and nice and cool inside!!! Afterwards, Pimm’s and beers under a Gazebo in a lovely garden 15 times the size of our own back garden. While I was preparing dinner (pasta and lovely tomato sauce) I was pulling out all the stops, some people were suffering from heatstroke (not naming any names at all).

Right, got to get back to the cello score, almost finished, laters.


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