Days in the life of a songwriter 8

completely forgot to mention that I was inside the Thames Barrier 2 weeks ago. Booked as a translator for some dyke builders and flood defence people from Germany. So we were given this tour by Roger Vine who has been working there since 1975 …. . He was great and took us on to one of the piers in the middle of the river. In order to get there you need to walk through one of the two tubes that go through the foundation in the river to connect the different piers and also house all the supply lines (mains, data…) and walk up stairs to get to the top again. The gates lie dormant, flush with the foundation and the river bed unless they get cranked into position by these huge hydraulic arms and then shut off the river completely…..very simple but very cool.

Had a few more rehearsals with various players to prepare for the gig at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane on July 4th. Then the day came and everything seemed okay. Before I jumped into a taxi I received a text from the violin player saying she had been up all night and was sick and couldn’t play. Oh well, shit happens. 20 minutes later, en route to the venue, I get a text from the viola player that she had been stung by some wasp or something and couldn’t play. Oh well, shit happens. I get to the venue, we sound check (cello, guitar, vocals and piano), then the brass boys arrive, turns out no-one has printed out the music. Shit happens! So the boys were outside listening to the tracks on an i-phone just before we went on. Great! But we played a lovely set methinks (well done everyone!!!), Jari got there with half an hour to spare, but he had flown in from Finland….Rock and bloody Roll!!!!!!!

Apart from that I put a little piezo pickup under the bridge of my Seagull acoustic which went quite well and it sounds fab with an old Fishman preamp that I have. So I might be tempted to throw in the odd ‘even more’ acoustic gig…..

Might tell you about the Harry Potter premiere tomorrow. Nite nite.


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