Days in the life of a songwriter 9

I was invited to go to the premiere of the latest and last installment of the Harry Potter franchise last week. With an hour’s notice I have to add. Put on a black shirt, tie, me best shoes and a jacket and off we went. The red carpet was the longest I’ve seen so far. All the way from Trafalgar Square past the National Gallery to various cinemas around Leicester Square. They handed out sweets and water as you entered the cinema and one found the obligatory popcorn on one’s seat. I did enjoy the film even though I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan but it’s probably fair to say that they went out with a bang. The premiere was certainly very big. After the film we went on to the Old Billingsgate as we had also scored some afterparty tickets, yeah!! Where we mingled with actors, crew, hangers-on and media folk like us. I mean we were mainly left to our own devices scoffing our way through the food they kept bringing us and picking up the odd cocktail here and there. My personal favourites were probably Robbie Coltrane and Helena Bonham-Carter. As it was a school night we left to jump on to one of the last tubes. But maybe next time I’ll stay till the end to dance on the tables!!!


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