Days in the life of a songwriter 10

went to see a screening of a little dark Irish comedy starring Brendan Gleeson (Bruges) and Don Cheadle by John Michael McDonagh last week and absolutely loved it. If you loved Bruges go and see it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s about an Irish Policeman who has unorthodox views and methods and who is thrown together with American FBI man Don Cheadle (can’t remember the name of the character).

Apart from that I started using a pic my mate Josh Staudach took of me in front of EMI Abbey Road studios last November, as a temporary cover when sending out the Fleetwood Road session tasters (a posh name for a posh demo). I have started sending out copies and will send out a lot more from now since most of the online stuff has been sorted out now. Twitter tick, blog tick, Facebook tick, Youtube tick. The next thing I’ll sort out will be a redirecting service to the Blog page from the old address. There is nothing on there at the moment, so it might as well be used to find this page.

Wednesday last week saw me taking part in a songwriter masterclass organised by the good people at PRS (performing rights society). The speaker was Martin Sutton who has been writing and co-writing commercial songs for almost 20 years now. His focus was on writing for others (i.e. if you’re not the artist as well). I guess the main focus for me was a few pointers when it comes to networking and finding the right contacts as well as networking with whoever came to the event. Most of the audience went to the pub and I had a few good chats with fellow songwriters and hooked up with a couple on facebook. Trying to get more involved with whatever PRS are doing seems like a good idea as well.

A day later I went to a friend’s wedding anniversary for a couple of pints and bumped into someone who used to work for EMI and had an interesting chat with her. It’s all good, I always have business cards and/or CDs on me and have been peppering the world with them as of late.

The weekend was filled with the Latitude festival, I was pretty impressed with Paloma Faith and her gentle brand of being bonkers but have to add that she delivered on the music and performance front as well. Saw an interesting choir/band thing called Scala from Belgium (the full name is Scala & Kolacny brothers) who are a mixture of band and choir using about 40 female voices plus piano and band and I think I’ll send them an email later on to see whether they would consider some collaboration. They were on the Social Network film soundtrack with their cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Right, need to do some work, more later.


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