Days in the life of a songwriter 11

just a couple more impressions from Latitude. Saw Seasick Steve who was doing his amplified blues thing, (or a shrunk ZZ Top) sometimes on a cigar-box guitar. He did play his three string trance wonder guitar, he also had one with only one string. He was backed by Led Zeppelin’s bass player, John Paul Jones. Anyway, also saw Paolo Nutini who it seems has widened his musical repertoir (on top of singer songwriter) to Reggae, Rockabilly and an old school Rod Stewart approach. Good on him as it helped to turn him into a headline act. Didn’t buy the programme (9 squid) but shot myself in the foot as I missed ‘Bright Eyes’ ….. damn.  There was a lot of rain in between erratic sunshine which tested my trainers and toes to the limit. Latitude is quite a mature festival and apart from music, it does sport Cabaret, Literature, Comedy and even political debate, one of which we managed to catch. David Davies (Torys), Don Foster (Lib Dem), Jon Cruddas (for Labour), a journalist called Liz and someone from a campaign against the cuts were the panel. The moderator made a bit of a crude entry, destroying the gap-filling comedienne’s punch line. But to be fair she had just mangled some of the panelists names.

Left at 5pm on the Sunday missing The Eels (darn again), Suede and Hurts. I re-visited some of Hurts songs after getting back and decided that I didn’t miss that much. Suede I would have liked to see especially since our one time drummer, Sebastian Sternberg, used to play with Brett Andersson on his solo stuff before absconding to Marina and the Diamonds. Was very sad to have missed the Eels. My Morning Jacket were good and had a good sound, didn’t know they were from Kentucky. Saw Echo and the Hareboys but was slightly underwhelmed by them. Probably great lyrics over pedestrian chords. I know lots of people loved them but hey, can only tell you about my little feelings.

Bellowhead did their super folk thing, did it well and everyone at the Word Arena loved them. Always makes me think of a quote from the Amadeus film from way back “too many notes”….. and how close full on folk is to prog rock. Oh, I found a nice necklace in the mud. On that note, off to do some proper work.

Last band we saw was ‘The Waterboys’, it was great to hear ‘The Whole of the Moon” live after which we left fairly satisfied….


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