Days in the life of a songwriter 12

Had to go to Oxford and Stonehenge last Saturday and on the way there managed to get my good deed for the day in. We were travelling at over 60 mph when I noticed that we were approaching the end of a queue that was stationary. I huffed a short “watch out!” at the driver and he put his foot on the brake (quite firmly), I put my feet on the metal bar in front of me (crew seat) and braced myself. We managed to come to a halt with a couple of yards to spare. Later on the driver said to me, “you know we were struggling a bit down that hill”…….. He got me a nice cappuccino at Stonehenge.

Well I finally got Ariel’s book on the music business; about what an independent artist should do to further his/her cause. See link on the right here. She is very clued up on anything PR and online, hence the name ‘CyberPR’ for her company. Last night I created an account on Reverbnation and I have also put a few blogs on the blogroll here. I confirmed a few gigs in London and posted them on facebook earlier today. The bigger one will be at the Wilmington Arms on 22.09.11 and there will be a couple more, one at The Stag in Hampstead on 21.08.11 and it looks like there will be one at the Distiller’s Arms in Hammersmith too. The promoters are the good people at Musicborn, Earmusic and the Bedford…thanks guys. Am aiming to learn a lot from her book, Music Success in 9 Weeks.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a vocal recording seminar/expo type thing organised by the Digital Village stores and run by Paul White from Sound on Sound magazine. It’ll be out in Romford tomorrow, am dreading the journey already. Anyway, let’s see.

The Jaguar Shoes bar in Shoreditch is doing something arty (again) tonight, it’s to do with surfaces. The name of the event is: Carnovsky. ‘Le Selva’ ‘RGB – The Black series’. Will check that out but have seen a bit already, looks like someone’s treated the wall and depending on the colour of light used on it, the wall will exhibit different images. It’s 32 Kingsland Road. 5 min walk from Old Street.

We had a lot of problems getting our broadband fixed this week, I’ll spare you the pain but I did learn that broadband companies limit the speed of your connection with NOISE. It’s all about the SNR (signal to noise ratio) that they pump onto your signal. It’s measured in decibels, obviously 😉  Right, will play through my set and put some info on the Reverbnation page….laters.


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