Days in the life of a songwriter 16

We had to drop one violin from our (Amphibic) gig at the Distiller’s Arms in Hammersmith as we just couldn’t get the logistics sorted in time. Having said that, I made Piotr play loads of viola and cello parts as well on his violin, it kept him from getting bored and gave us lots of strings. Hakon did a good job on the piano as well, well he had to, his parents had come for a visit from Iceland and so his motivation was even higher than normal. A little tidbit here, Hakon used to train Karate in the same class as Bjørk back home and back in the day. My fairly newly installed (Artec piezo) pickup in my Seagull acoustic did really well and the soundman made me use it without the preamp (as it sounded better). It only cost 17 quid, result!!

Had to get up really early the next day to take some peeps to Stonehenge and Oxford and could have done with tons more sleep, but what can you do? Anyway, got back to my place, had a quick shower and jumped into half decent clothes as I had to join some friends at a birthday party at Bungalow 8 at the St Martin’s Lane Hotel. I didn’t know anything about it, so wasn’t expecting anything really, but if you did expect a high flying super charged VIP’y club you might have felt a tad let down, if you know what I is saying!?

We got up at 1pm the next day, yay! and had a lazy Sunday afternoon, went over to my mate Olaf’s house and after warming up to some Father Ted we saw Los Angeles and something else that I can’t remember now…..ah, where is my cod liver oil?

On Tuesday I had to wait for a group down at the London Eye, it was windy as fluff (that’s a euphemism) and the group was late by an hour and a half…..but Janet the lady who looks after the coaches there, had some gummi bears and Dutch biscuits coated in chocolate on one side. I got the coffee in, so yes I survived.

This brings us smack bang up to date. I’m very excited as I decided to fly to Norway (Bergen) for pretty much a day on Saturday, to see an old mate (William Hut) play a gig in Bergen (Garage) got a good price on Norwegian and here I come. More next week.


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