Days in the life of a songwriter 17

What a week it’s been. First I thought there wouldn’t be enough to talk about, now I need to edit stuff out… . Let’s see. Took some Danish and Norwegian architects and engineers to Cheslea’s Stamford Bridge in Fulham last week. Checked out the changing rooms, first the one for the away team which I saw 3 years ago because I took Schalke 04 there. Then we went to the ‘real’ home side facilities. Big difference. There was a board about tactics, tried to take a pic with my mobile, but switched on the camera …. aaarrrghhh. Also, saw the stands and some of the VIP areas too. The next day I took some of the same people to the Thames Barrier, well inside of it really.

Midweek I decided to take a short trip to Bergen in Norway. Flew there on Saturday to see William Hut play at the Garage (Garagen). He played a lovely gig and there was also a birthday party surprise thing going on for Agathe which was great. William played with a piano and keyboard player and a guitarist. Saw some old friends in the process and sampled a nice day in Bergen itself as well. Had booked a bed in a 4 bed room at the YMCA just behind the fish marked (fisketorget), turned out that I shared with a Brazilian family who took the same flight to London on Sunday. Before the gig I had some baked mackerel at a place called The Penguin (pingvinen)…..there is a place called The Camel as well (a coffee shop).

Came back Sunday after buying a big piece of salmon at the food festival on Bryggen (the old port) where the Hanseatic league used to have their offices. Saw some musician/roadie looking types checking in for the same flight and bought a book by Henning Mankell (the last in the Wallander series). Two days later (Tuesday night) I saw one of those guys on my flight, standing next to me at the Water Rats where I had gone to see a girl band called Katzenjammer. So I turned and said: “You were on the 2:30 flight from Bergen on Sunday!” It was funny to see his face. 5 minutes later he got me a pint of Stella. Turns out he works with sound systems for touring bands.

Well, since I used to enjoy reading spy stories and am a fan of John LeCarre it was great to be able to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on Monday night (one day before the big premiere in London). I was very impressed with the set design, choice of location, the acting, the clothes……lots of great stuff in the movie and I remember thinking the word ‘masterpiece’ throughout at least the first 30 minutes. I don’t think it’s superb throughout. It isn’t easy to stick all of the fairly intricate plot into a one movie format (guess that’s why it was a mini series for TV with Alec Guiness). In my opinion the movie could have done with another 40 minutes!!! It would have made it clearer and given it a more even pace. I still enjoyed it though. Gary Oldman is fantastic as is almost everyone. Our friend Geraldine put the dark colours, that some described as grey down to the fact that the director is Scandinavian. I don’t think it’s grey, for me it was mainly ‘greenish’, in a Fuji Film type of way……..

anyway, need to arrange some brass for next week’s Amphibic gig and get myself organised so catch you soon!


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