Days in the life of a songwriter 18

Sorry about the slight delay, but am up in Kendal (Lake District) to relax and do some walking. More about that next time. Last weekend I went to see Trollhunter; a little Norwegian movie that is doing quite well due to a clever social media/marketing campaign (apparently). Anyway, I did enjoy it, you might have heard that it’s shot in a similar way to the Blair Witch movie of yore, all true. So lots of shaky cameras and filming through car windows and what not. A third into the movie some trolls appear and rampage through the countryside (at night, obviously), it’s all very tongue in cheek and it could well become a cult movie. We’ll see. It might do some advertising for Norway on the way.

On Wednesday we went to quite an inspirational evening where Wayne Hemingway who co-founded Red Or Dead with his partner talked about brands and how they got started almost 30 years ago. They started with a market stall in Camden because he couldn’t pay the rent after paying for a rehearsal room and his friends (on the dole) couldn’t pay him back. They made something like 118 quid on the first day (1982) when they only needed 8 pounds for the rent each. Anyway, I think almost everyone there was impressed!! The venue was the Book Club in Shoreditch which provided an easy going atmosphere but not a lot of chairs.

Moving on to the music stuff. Well, I wanted to get some brass in on the act again for the week’s Amphibic gig at the Wilmington Arms, so I arranged another song that already had a small trumpet solo, for trombone, horn and trumpet. I came up with something simple and we also worked out something for the piano during a piano rehearsal with Nick, picking up what I had done on the recording already. With hindsight I think I might change it a bit as it sounded a tad low to me at the gig. Imogen worked out a pizzicato bass part on the cello (during cello rehearsal) as there was no ‘arco’ cello part in it. Anyway, we didn’t have drums for the gig but considering the fact that there were 7 of us on stage, I thought it might be best to bring drums back in next time. There was, Sarah Maxwell on horn, Rosie Turton on trombone, Joe Carter on trumpet, Nick Desmond on piano, Imogen Burman on cello and Laura Thompson on violin. I had emailed everyone their parts and we double checked the cues before the gig. It went really well and today there was a review on Spoonfed online already. It was Nick’s 21st birthday and I had got him a chocolate cake plus candles from Waitrose. I lit it downstairs before everyone came down to pick up their instruments from the backstage basement. And we sang.

Right, need to check my bank balance to see whether we can afford a zoom video/sound recorder in order to be able to record our future gigs. There’s a handy one called Q3 I believe. On that note…..more very soon.


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