Days in the life of a songwriter 19

So yes, walked around the peaks in the Lake District near Kendal. We actually got to see Scotland from up there including some wind turbines on the sea. I had to suffer a bit due to  inadequate equipment (shoes) and general lack of fitness. Well, we took the half seven train to get back to London, only to be held at Rugby as some inconsiderate (or possibly reckless) person had stopped trains in and out of Euston by being under a train near Harrow. We ended up sharing a taxi to avoid getting back even later. This guy shared the taxi with us: He is a saxophone and cello playing classical composer, check him out. His name is Martino Scovacricchi.

I had been looking forward to Tuesday as Ariel Hyatt from CyberPr in New York was going to give a talk at PRS headquarters in Berners Street. She brought along some interesting panellists. Stephen King from Zimbalam (digital distributor), Matt Jamison from Amazing Radio, James from Deezer (online music platform growing like f***), Mark Muggeridge from Evil Genius (promoter and manager) and last but certainly not least, Jordan Reyne (singer songwriter who is making a living with her music by mainly performing online!!!) She is writing a book on this topic so keep your eyes peeled. Ariel’s talk was very good, all about what musicians need to do these days to survive and work towards making money from their art without the help of big record companies. The room was packed by the way, so yes, interest was great. Stephen King’s presentation was strong too and I will seriously consider his company when it becomes relevant in the near future. James from Deezer (who are already a big player in France) made a good impression but didn’t have an easy email at the company where he can be reached at. I think everyone was very interested what Jordan had to say especially as she wasn’t trying to sell a platform but was doing what a lot of people in the room aspire to do!! Playing music, making a living after ditching the day job, respect.

Afterwards we were all led down to the Champion by Atul and some banter and drinking of amber liquid ensued. Got to hear a great story of how one of the people present met Michael Jackson’s mum. Told the guy from Amazing radio how his CEO is married to my mate’s cousin. Mentioned my idea of possibly promoting some gigs myself to Lydia the pixie (Red Rose) and the Tall Poppies and Ariel took my address to send me the new version of her book as I had given her some grief about the typos. Oh, and also met an interesting podcaster from Suffolk. called Peter Clitheroe.

Right, playing a gig at the Luxe at Spitalfields market on Sunday and still need to finalise the line up…….. More on possibly playing some online gigs later. There will be some ‘How to do stuff’ sections as well soon!


2 thoughts on “Days in the life of a songwriter 19

  1. Atul Rana says:

    A pleasure to have met you too Neal! And yes, after Ariel’s talk herself Jordan’s one was really cool and even better to get drunk later on at The Champion 🙂

  2. amphibic says:

    Exactly mate!! it was a good evening all round. I will try and check out some of the online platforms Jordan uses, like Stageit.

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