Days in the life of a songwriter 22

It hasn’t been a very eventful week, I have to say. Last Wednesday I went to the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane to see my friend Thury play an acoustic gig. Kristjan Eyjolfsson (gold/silversmith) who is a mutual friend was on the drums. He told me it was his first live gig in years. He did well. Thury had Valli along who also sang and played acoustic guitar like Thury. The sound guy had a couple of problems with Valli’s DI (hook-up to the desk) but it didn’t distract too much.

Worked on a couple of songs and my set on Thursday and Friday in between writing some invoices and other domestic chores like washing clothes, etc. … . On Sunday afternoon we went down to Hugo’s in Queen’s park, it’s a lovely little place in one of the little side streets in Queen’s Park (Lonsdale Road), expect Queen’s park prices though. They have Jazz on every Sunday night and after talking with one of the staff I was convinced that Michael Klein, who is an old mate of mine (and a fantastic mastering engineer at Radiance) is still doing the sound there for those Sunday nights. Bless. You might run into David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame (the original in case you bed wetters are wondering), I think he has played there as well, but don’t quote me on it.

After that I met up with Olaf and we checked out the Debt starring Helen Mirren, who is good but doesn’t have a lot of screen time as the film jumps between 1967 and 1997 and the bulk is set in the past. Her younger self is played by Jessica Chastain who is frankly fantastic as one of the 3 young Nazi hunters (Sam Worthington is also there). I don’t think the poster or the campaign (at least what I saw of it) does the film justice. Olaf and I were pretty much blown away by this impressive gem of a film. Intricate psychology and mind games are part of the package too. Here’s the trailer.


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