Days in the life of a songwriter 23

I finally got round to arranging one of the big songs from the first album (Dear Caffeine) for what we are doing now, I mainly wanted to add violins and possibly viola to the existing cello line and the cello solo. So far I have added two violins to the chorus and the solo and I’m pretty happy already. Came up with a line for horn in the middle 8 as well, but need a bit more time to explore what could be done with brass here. Let’s see.

Spoke to Andy at the 12 Bar Club and arranged a gig there on December 1st. Will publish that on all the different platforms later today but have to go to the dentist and meet drummer Jari who is in town for a gig with Joe Sanai. Will hopefully be able to catch them at the Archangel in Kensington High Street tonight.

I emailed another college last week and got three emails back from 3 different instrumentalists and am meeting two of them for a session tomorrow! Yeah! All in the name of adding a couple more permanent members to our core line-up.

On Saturday I went to see Imogen perform Saint-Saen, Ravel, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky at St John at Waterloo with the Sinfonia Tamesa orchestra. The on average pretty young orchestra sounded fantastic. I also saw a violinist who I recognised as having been on the train with us some weeks ago when our train from Yorkshire got cancelled at Rugby late at night. Small world. We went for a couple of pints in the tiny streets just behind the church and then went on to see whether some of my friends were still celebrating Halloween at the Nordic bar. Made my way down from Goodge street station and remembered the old shortcut and there they were (at the back entrance), the first one I saw was Kristjan the goldsmith who had made a hammer and was Thor god of thunder on the night. Thury looked great too as Gene Vincent from kiss, including long tongue. Well I left them in full swing after a pint as I had to get up early to meet a group of people down at Stamford Bridge at 9am…..aaaahhh.

Next week I will try and see a film called ‘Self Made’ by Gillian Wearing who got amateurs to take part in an art project. To star as themselves or fictional characters. My mate Ash is in it and apparently it is quite revealing emotionally. Here’s the trailer.


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