Days in the life of a songwriter 27

Just got last year’s diary out to see what I did just before Christmas 2011. It’s been so long. It’s slowly coming back to me now, diaries are a god-send.

Industrial folkster, Jordan Reyne, had tipped me off about a music industry party at the Water Rats on the 8th of December. I was glad I went, as Believe-in-Digital gave us a few free drinks and I checked out one band that I liked. They are called Belleruche. Then there was a carol singing thing at St Mary Aldermary’s, just opposite Mansion House tube, which was lovely, they had wine, mulled wine, mince pies, cake and candles and I was slightly concerned that the new vicar and his crew might be burning down the house (church). Anyway, well done to James for enticing us to come along. We got louder with each carol.

There was one more industry schmooze event at the Electricity Showroom, but apart from having about 2 and a half chats to as many people I didn’t get anything out of it, so left early. Almost on the home stretch to Christmas I told loads of people to come down to the Prince Alfred in Maida Vale on the 17th of Dec. I think about 12 did and believe most would agree that a good time was had. Just before I headed into Christmas hols, where I traditionally leave the country, a small present to myself arrived. A Proteus 2000 by EMU which was dirt cheap on fleabay. It’ll make it possible for us to have some fairly cool Rhodes type sounds (electric pianos for the un-initiated) on stage soon. The box can do a lot more but that’s more for recording at home….. Right, there will be another update tomorrow bringing us to the Here and Now……


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