Days in the life of a songwriter (Fluffy kittens, wool and Songwriting) 36

Okay, here is a quick post before I go to bed. I was at Tommy Darker Music talks last night. Nate Maingard (folk troubadour extraordinaire) explained what he does and he did so with a lot of heart. During the after session, the hanging out phase at the pub below, we did talk about anything under the sun. But for some reason I came to tell him and everyone at that table, how the process of writing songs seems to me. The most fitting analogy, in my case. I am fairly sure that lots of songwriters have different images or theories, when it comes to visualising that process.
I think little Richard once said, that songs are like birds that fly through the air and you just need to catch them. (haven’t double checked it was him though!!)

Let me tell you how I see it. If I have a tiny musical or lyrical idea that I feel has the potential to become a song …. there is a lot of trust and faith involved here …. and I sometimes get that initial feeling wrong. But it’s like finding the end of a piece of yarn (like a fluffy kitten, under the sofa or the cupboard) …. if I am careful with that bit of wool and follow it patiently, it will lead me to the ball of wool (the song). Ta da!!!! (laughs). Simples.

Right I will paste the image of a kitten plus ball of wool here that I just borrowed from the old interweb.




2 thoughts on “Days in the life of a songwriter (Fluffy kittens, wool and Songwriting) 36

  1. Hi Neil, Love the image of following the thread (like Theseus following Ariadne’s thread in the labyrinth–) you are now following on Twitter and it would be great too if you felt like becoming a member and posting some music on the music forum of the site- a one-stop shop for those wanting to live well after the trauma of cancer diagnosis…

    • amphibic says:

      Hi Judith,
      So sorry for having missed your comment 4 years ago!!
      Hope all is well. Just thought about reviving my blog and found your comment!
      All the best,

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